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Welcome to the Word Cookies Celebrity Chef Cottoncandy Answers page! Here you can find all the answers, solutions, and cheats for those tough levels. Scroll down below to find your solution.

Word Cookies is a fun game for those who love word search games. It provides a great outlet to exercise your mind, while having fun. Your goal is to search among the letters to find the correct words.  Careful though only certain word are accepted, which raises the challenge. Sometimes the levels are too hard, but you should not give up! Keep trying and you might surprise yourself, but if all else fails then checkout our site to provide an extra clue.

Level 1. fee few hen hew new pen pew hewn weep when nephew

Level 2. awe bee eve hew web have wave heave weave behave

Level 3. cry icy ilk irk kit lit tic try city lick tick lyric trick tricky

Level 4. fir fit fry fur jut rut try fury jury rift turf fruit turfy fruity

Level 5. cry icy pry rip sip sir spy rips spry crisp spicy crispy

Level 6. ail air arc car cur curl lair liar rail circa curial crucial

Level 7. act cat cut fat flu calf cult fact flat fatal fault actual factual

Level 8. emu mom mum sue sum use emus memo moms muse some sumo mouse museum

Level 9. cod doe eve odd ode cede code coed cove deed dove ceded coded decode

Level 10. bur bus hub rub sub burs bush hubs rubs rush subs brush shrub shrubs

Special Level. cry icy lip ply pry rip sip sir sly spy clip lips lisp rips slip spry clips crisp lyric spicy crispy lyrics crisply bur bus cub cur hub rub sub burs bush cubs curb curs hubs rubs rush subs such brush crush curbs scrub shrub scrubs shrubs

Level 11. err eve ore roe core cove ever over rove veer cover rover recover

Level 12. cot for rot too foot form fort from moor moot roof room root motor comfort

Level 13. ale ape lap pal pea laze leap pale peal plea zeal puzzle

Level 14. bet but out toe tub bout tube quote bouquet

Level 15. eon joy lye one jell lone only yell enjoy jelly jolly lonely

Level 16. any jar nay ran ray run urn aura jury yarn january

Level 17. den eel end gel led leg edge gene glee lend need ledge legend needle

Level 18. gel his leg lie she gels high isle legs lies sigh highs sleigh

Level 19. cur our curs hour ours rush sour such couch crush hours occur scour chorus occurs

Level 20. ail ivy lay say sly via ails lays sail slay vial visa vials visual


  1. Cotton candy level 20 has a word with 2 A’s and there are not 2 A’s in the letters. Now I’m stuck

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