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Welcome to the Word Cookies Sous Chef Melon Answers page! Here you can find all the answers, solutions, and cheats for those tough levels. Scroll down below to find your solution.

Word Cookies is a fun game for those who love word search games. It provides a great outlet to exercise your mind, while having fun. Your goal is to search among the letters to find the correct words.  Careful though only certain word are accepted, which raises the challenge. Sometimes the levels are too hard, but you should not give up! Keep trying and you might surprise yourself, but if all else fails then checkout our site to provide an extra clue.


Level 1. err mop ore per pro roe mere mope more peer perm poem pore romp rope emperor

Level 2. elf his lie she file fish hiss isle less life self flesh shelf selfish

Level 3. dig din gin rid rig gird grid grin rind ring grind rigid diving riding virgin driving

Level 4. any ape hay hen hey nap nay pan pay pea pen heap nape pane happy hyena nappy happen

Level 5. aim fan fin man men amen fame fine main mane mean mine name famine

Level 6. elf flu hue she sue use flue fuel fuse lush self flesh flues flush fuels shelf shuffle

Level 7. ace can fan fen fin ice inn acne cafe cane cine face fine nice nine canine fiance finance

Level 8. and can cod con dam don mad man mom nod coda coma moan comma nomad command

Level 9. aim ant man mat nit tan tin van vat via main mint vain vitamin

Level 10. eel elm let met pet tee meet melt peel pelt teem temp temple

Special Level. aim are fan fin ire man men amen fame fare fine fire main mane mare mean mine mire name ream rein famine remain fireman eel elm eye let lye met pet ply tee yet meet melt mete peel pelt teem temp type yelp empty temple

Level 11. bee beg big ice ire rib rig beer bier brig crib rice beige iceberg

Level 12. air are bar bra ear era err ire rib bare bear bier rare rear barrier

Level 13. ail air art lit rat tar vat via lair liar rail tail vial rival trail trial viral vital trivia trivial

Level 14. eel eve ice lie vie evil heel hive lice live veil vice vile leech vehicle

Level 15. arc car cod had oar rad rod arch card char coda cord hard road roar chord roach orchard

Level 16. her his ice ire she sir heir hers hire ices rice rich rise sire cries cherish

Level 17. age are ear era eve rag rev area aver ever gave gear rage rave veer agree eager grave verge average

Level 18. hot lot not thy ton toy holy hymn molt moth myth only hotly month monthly

Level 19. doe fad fed foe ode sad sea deaf does dose fade food safe soda sofa seafood

Level 20. fee per pet tee feet fete free fret peer reef tree creep crepe crept erect perfect prefect


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