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  1. I have a screen shot to send you that i took while playing. And want to see what you have to say about it. Seems very bad and could be an issue. Please email me so i can’t send it to you. Thanks.

  2. The last few packs are wrong, I noticed they are all the answers of the Ginger pack back at the start.
    Also, now there are sugar and cheese packs.

  3. My phone has froze and has weirdly purchased 6200 point!!!
    I have most defiantly not wanted this to happen. Can you help?

  4. There are flashing ads on the bottom of the screen that have become very irritating. I really do like your game but it is enough to uninstall the game and look for another. I like to play when I’m waiting for my kids.

  5. Dear word cookies, I’m losing my cookies here. My daughter and sister have cookie jars, hello I have none. Today they’re playing a special valentines game, hello I’m not. What’s up with when I clearly have a word that actually is a word and it’s not on the board. I am one tough cookie and I would like you to throw me a crumb! Thanks Terri

  6. For some reason, I am not given the option to collect daily coins. I did when I forst played the game but have been unable to for at least 3 weeks. Can you help Me resolve the issue! BTW, I love the game!

  7. I want to buy coins. It says wrong password and when I come to entering the verification number theres no where to enter it.

  8. Melon level 17, suppose to be average but it’s barrier again same as level 12 and it’s not working right, I think it’s glitched

  9. I finished the Executive Chef level weeks ago. The rest of my family who are not even at this level have now been updated with new level Best Chef. I go on and check every day and have still not received this new update.

    Please can you help.


    Karen Farmer

  10. Used to be able to use hints. Now every time I tap Hints I get a menu of cost options. Hints are very helpful especially when I am down to one or two words. It really affects my enjoyment of the game. Is there any way I can makes Hints work every time I need it.

  11. there are a few words that REALLY SHOULD be in your dictionary

    most glaringly, on Pumpkin 09, rise, rose, ruse, sire, sore, sour, user, issue, and rouse are all required to complete the level. their derivative forms, namely rises, roses, ruses, sires, sores, sours, users, issuer, and rouses, are not accepted even as bonus words, among a bunch of others like “suers”, “roues”, “euros”, i could go on. point is, your dictionary needs more words. please expand your dictionary to include more of these derivative forms because it’s a little frustrating when i know for sure this word is a word but the game doesn’t

  12. I was playing the game (love it too) when somehow I lost it now trying to re-install and all I get is Google play has stopped so frustating. Can you sort it pse tks

  13. @Word Cookies
    Can u plz add 2 lettered words… Like “no” and “it”.
    I understand you don’t want to make all the levels easy, therefore, can u add it in the extra words (Jack’s Cookie Jar).

  14. Hi,

    Is there any way I can save where I am in the game when I change my phone and have to download the game again?

    Cheers, Paul

  15. Green tea 17 has the answer as villain but I have no A only an E. can’t finish the puzzle. The answer cheats all use an A but I don’t have one.

  16. Hi I am on level 17 Green Tea The letter a is missing and you can’t complete it so you can move on . So I tried redownloading the game, still no a and it took away all my coins. I had over 1000 it started me back at 200 Can ,Will you please check into this and fix it. Thanks

  17. I have upgraded my phone to later model. Same make ,LG, everything seems to have transferred across except Word Cookies, this has gone back to start. I was on level 546!! is there anything I can do to recover this please

  18. I bought the no ads in Word Cookies but the ads haven’t stopped. I’ve tried to restore it but with no luck. I fell like I’ve been ripped off. Could you please fix it for me?

  19. I made it through to carrot 20 level, no cheating, no paying for hints. Then the pay for hints screen pops up, I brush against some line, i am now out some amount of money, I have 6000+ coins (?$ and now this game is finished for me. The challenge is over. It shouldn’t have been so easy to mistakenly make a purchase.

  20. The answers for Greentea do not coincide with the puzzle. I’m on level 10 and the answers are entirely different than the puzzle letters given. The letters in the puzzle are F P X E R I . My email address is please send me the correct answers so I can continue to play the game.

  21. I just installed the game yesterday and it is very fun so far, but I got stuck on Strawberry level 16 and my letters are so different than what I have seen on the internet? Is there a reason for this at all? I am stuck and can’t move on, the letters are P R O E K

  22. I keep seeing the coin page even after purchasing the app. Hitting ok and restore does not solve the problem of the screen reappearing when I hit the hint button. Thank you

  23. I have sync my word cookie to my Facebook but I made another Facebook account how do I switch it so it’s sync to the Facebook account I’m using now

  24. My 85 year old mother and some of her elderly friends VERY MUCH dislike the advertising for CHOICES with the bra, undies and cheating spouse. How can this be removed or blocked from individual player choices

  25. I played the Easter Egg hunt and have completed it but it won’t let me play the next game it keeps being up the Easter Egg hunt with the same letters nothing has changed I’ve done it 4 times now and it won’t let me move on to my level

  26. I love this game, and just wanted to input some ideas:
    1. To begin, I would love to use the hint button and select which word I want the hint on. (It would be doubly awesome if I can select which block within the word too!).
    2. I think it would be cool too if players can add people as friends and allow players to help each other out (by giving a screenshot to each other for so many coins).
    3. Finally, I think it would be cool if there was a sort of word counter for additional words found. I think that would make it more challenging if people knew there were say 12 extra words in a particular puzzle!

    Thanks for giving me the chance to share my input, and keep up the good work! This game is fantastic!

  27. I played the Easter Egg hunt and have completed it several times over many days. It has the same letters each time I play with the same answers. How do I get back to the level I was on?

  28. My game has been stuck on the easter egg hunt for quite a few days now, seeing as the hunt as ended I’m wondering why my game is still stuck and will not let me open up any other levels

  29. I’ve enjoyed playing Word cookies for months, but it wouldn’t open this is venting and I’m getting the waiting message.
    Can you help please.

  30. Arrrggg, love the game but if I look up cheats when I am really stuck, the words for the first few levels were the same as the cheats but now on ginger-vanilla it is completely different, is there two different types for each level?

  31. I had gotten so far past the Rose level and was so happy. I hit the back arrow wanting to see the levels and it erased all my progress and I’m back to Cherry 01. Do I really have to start all over?? Help!!

  32. I just purchased $9.99 coin pack by accident! My hand hit the screen and then I went to cancel and it used my thumbprint to finalise the purchase by mistake! Please can this be cancelled! I do not have this money to waste. thanks

  33. I have been playing work cookies for a couple months on my phone now I have a new phone can I transfer the data to the new phone Or do I have to start over from the beginning

  34. My Word Cookies app was somehow deleted from my phone, and when I reinstalled it, I started back at the beginning and lost all my points and coins! Why?

  35. I can’t get the game to open up. Have been playing for several days and now it won’t open. Don’t want to start over.

  36. Have got to mocha level five letter word have tried everthing even went on your cheat page and found the only five letter word I’d apple and yet abd yet I have spaces for another five letter word please help as I enjoy this game

  37. I just purchased the 2.99 coins pack of 740 coins and it took the money out of my account but didn’t give me the coins on the game…I need a refund or either SOME coins ASAP

  38. I have noticed on some of the special levels there are dotted lines connecting the letters…making it impossible to swipe letters to form words unless they are directly connected by the lines….please help?
    A screen shot can be sent

  39. Please fix your word cookies game so it doesn’t keep turning itself off in the middle of the game! Very irritating! Love the game but ready to just shut her down due to being irritated! Thank you!

  40. On my iPhone I just finished Master Chef, Nutella & cant go any further.
    Is this as far as the game goes? I hope not!!

  41. I have playing for months now and all of a sudden when I go out of the app and go back it it puts me back to level Mocha 11.

  42. What is the 5 letter word after rouse on pumpkin 09 i have entered all available words and all have been accepted as extra words 🙁

  43. It says I can go back to a special level anytime to play it but I can’t figure out how I had to stop suddenly and when I came back to the game I wasn’t on my special level anymore it had moved me on to the next regular play round

  44. Accidently cancel my game and would like to return to the same i was on dont remember what it was love the game i also had over 200 coins

  45. Hello please can you reinstore my word cookies game my phone accidently deleted it. And me and my daughter loved playing word cookies we got to a very high level . Please help.

  46. I am on level 5 of macadamia my puzzle is using words like resume user etc I have one five letter word to finish when I go to the answers online they are from entirely different letters

  47. Why doesn’t my game on my phone match my game on my iPad. I am connected to Facebook on both devices.

    • I’m having the same issue. Sometimes if I disconnect from Facebook and reconnect, forcing it to sync, that helps, but not tonight.

  48. I can’t open the game anymore. Everytime I click on it, it automatically closes on me. I’m afraid if I uninstall/reinstall I will lose all progress. How can I fix this?

  49. Have been playing word cookies for a few weeks but now it won’t load, last week I did the updates now have different colour letters but it’s now stopped working ?

  50. My game went to “Waiting” and it has been that way for days. I’ve even tried to delete it, but it won’t delete. I hate to lose my “place” in this game. I love it. Please help.

  51. On Espresso 20, for me there are two 5-letter slots. But online, and on my sister’s game, there is only one – which is fiery. I can’t pass this level because of it. Please help! Thanks!

  52. I’ve finished the game so I want to start over, how do I reset the game? Reinstalling didn’t work it brought back my saved progress. Thanks

  53. I am on green tea level eleven. All spaces are full but game will not move on. White rings are still around the last word I added. That word is logo. Any ideas on how to proceed. It gives me free coins, shuffles the letters, just wont move on to the next puzzle.

  54. I started playing the game on my iPad mini 2 and got to level 6 in Vanilla. When I tap letters to create a word, they do not populate the crossword grid. I tried rebooting the iPad , but the problem persists. Suggestions?

  55. I started playing the game on my iPad mini 2 and got to level 6 in Vanilla. When I tap letters to create a word, they do not populate the crossword grid. I tried rebooting the iPad , but the problem persists. Suggestions?

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