Getting Started

You just completed the first few puzzle packs and think you are off to a good start, but then things start to get challenging. Maybe it begins at the Vanilla levels, or maybe at the Coffee levels, but eventually you reach a brick wall. Don't Worry! We got some great advice for you!


Go Straight to Word Cookies CHEATS


Be Wise With Your Hints

It is important to save your coins, and only use them when they are absolutely necessary. Trust us, the levels will become much more difficult, and you will need them. There is nothing wrong with using a hint in dire circumstances, but try to follow our advice first! And don't forget we provide all the cheats, answers, and solutions if you are in a bind.


Sometimes you are staring at that same level for the longest time, but the answer will not appear. This is a sign to take a break. A fresh mind will really help you out. Solving the puzzle at different hours with a different mindset will allow you see new and interesting solutions. In addition, the shuffle provides a quick way to change the level and maybe give you some inspiration.



First find all the easy words first. This will give you a boost in confidence, and make the other words more noticeable. Once that is done, then we can try to find the two letter words. There are not that many two letter combinations so this should prove to be within reach. Next is the three letter words and so forth. Make note of the words you used and the combinations, so that you don't try things twice.


Brute Force

Lastly, we can just try to trace our fingers and get lucky. You can just swipe, or try to do it strategically. Look at the top at the empty slots, and try to find a word of a certain length. Start swiping with one letter, then try every other letter, and so forth. You want to try to cancel out all possibilities. This sometimes become tedious, but it does work.


Final Thoughts

Remember, not all words are accepted. Keep finding words, and don't get discouraged. It is just a game, and games are meant to be fun!


  1. I am a new player, I am seeing the “Extra word” cookie jar, but somehow missed what it is for. I know when I find extra words in the pan that aren’t in the answers, they to into the jar, but what do I do with them after that?

  2. For some reason I’m no longer receiving daily coins, I really need them.
    What can I do to start receiving them again?
    Thank you….love this game!

  3. I was on level 18 or 20 went to bed and now it’s back to level 1. What is going on? I already did these…..

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