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Welcome to the Word Cookies Master Chef Cassis Answers page! Here you can find all the answers, solutions, and cheats for those tough levels. Scroll down below to find your solution.

Word Cookies is a fun game for those who love word search games. It provides a great outlet to exercise your mind, while having fun. Your goal is to search among the letters to find the correct words.  Careful though only certain word are accepted, which raises the challenge. Sometimes the levels are too hard, but you should not give up! Keep trying and you might surprise yourself, but if all else fails then checkout our site to provide an extra clue.

Level 1 rue rut see set sue tee use rest rues ruse rust ruts sure tees tree true user quest reset reuse steer terse trees request

Level 2 act ant arc art can car cat cur cut nut ran rat run rut tan tar urn aunt cart curt rant tarn tuna turn currant

Level 3 are bar bay bra bye ear era err ray rev rye aver bare bear bevy rare rave rear vary verb very year berry brave raver braver bravery

Level 4 die doe dot due duo hid hit hot hue hut ode out the tie toe diet dote duet edit hide thou tide tied toed hideout

Level 5 gin inn ion nor now own rig row wig win won gown grin grow iron ring wing worn groin grown owing wring wrong owning rowing ingrown

Level 6 bum bur cub cue cur elm emu rub rue rum blue blur club clue cube curb cure curl lure mule rule bluer cruel crumb lucre ulcer lumber rumble crumble

Level 7 din don ion nod now own sin son sow win won wow down ions nods owns snow sown wind wins downs widow winds widows window windows

Level 8 age are ear era rad rag red aged dare dear deer drag edge gear rage read reed agree eager eared grade greed raged agreed degree geared

Level 9 eve fee fit its see set sit tee tie vet vie eves fees feet fest fete fist fits five sift site tees ties vest vets vies fetes fives sieve festive

Level 10 aim air arm gin man mar nag rag ram ran rig rim gain gram grim grin main rain rang ring grain arming margin

Special Level aim air ark arm gin ink irk kin man mar nag rag ram ran rig rim akin gain gram grim grin king main mark mink rain rang rank ring grain arming making margin raking marking

Level 11 and any day den doe don dye end eon nay nod ode one deny done neon node none annoy anode doyen anyone annoyed anodyne

Level 12 ale all eon one van lane lean loan lone love nave nova oval oven vale vane veal vole alone navel novel venal novella

Level 13 any arm ham hay man mar may nay nor oar ram ran ray yam army harm horn hymn many moan norm roam roan yarn manor mayor roman harmony

Level 14 den die din elk end ilk ink kid kin led lid lie nil dike dine idle kind lend lied lien like line link inked liked liken lined kindle linked

Level 15 beg bog ego eon gel leg log one blob bone glob gone lobe lone long ogle globe noble belong gobble

Level 16 act bat but cab cat cot cub cut oak oat out tab tub abut auto back boat bout buck coat tack tuba tuck about outback

Level 17 arm ash ham has mar ram alms arms hams harm lash mars mash rams rash sham slam alarm harms marsh alarms marshal

Level 18 cod die doe ice ill led lid lie ode oil old cell clod code coed coil cold dice dill doll iced idle idol lice lied lode cello coiled collide

Level 19 ant ion nap nip nit not oat pan pat pin pit pop pot tan tap tin tip ton top atop into pain pant pint paint patio piano point appoint

Level 20 age aim air are arm ear era gem ire mar rag ram rig rim area game gear germ gram grim mare mega mire rage ream aimer image mirage

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