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Welcome to the Word Cookies Star Chef Carrot Answers page! Here you can find all the answers, solutions, and cheats for those tough levels. Scroll down below to find your solution.

Word Cookies is a fun game for those who love word search games. It provides a great outlet to exercise your mind, while having fun. Your goal is to search among the letters to find the correct words.  Careful though only certain word are accepted, which raises the challenge. Sometimes the levels are too hard, but you should not give up! Keep trying and you might surprise yourself, but if all else fails then checkout our site to provide an extra clue.


Level 1. ego eon gel gun leg log lug one glue gone lone long lune lung ogle lunge lounge

Level 2. are ban bar bra ear era err ran bane bare barn bean bear bran earn near rare rear barren

Level 3. eel led let see set tee eels else lest lets seed sled tees sleet steed steel eldest

Level 4. con cot ion nit nor not rot tic tin ton coin corn icon into iron riot torn trio intro tonic citron

Level 5. act ant can cat con cot cut not nut oat out tan ton aunt auto coat taco tuna unto count toucan

Level 6. air are ear era ire sea see sir airs ears ease eras rise sear seer sire arise erase raise easier

Level 7. ail ale elf fan fen fin lie nil fail file fine flea lain lane leaf lean lien life line nail alien final finale

Level 8. cop cot pit pot pro rip rot tic tip top crop port riot trio trip optic topic tropic

Level 9. emu ire per pie rim rip rue rum mire perm pier prim pure ripe rump prime impure umpire

Level 10. elm emu sue sum use elms emus less mess mule muse slum sues sums uses mules muses slums mussel

Special Level. act ant can cat con cot cut not nut oat out tan tic tin ton aunt auto coat taco tuna unto antic count action cation toucan auction caution due elm emu led mud sue sum use duel dues elms emus less meld mess mule muse sled slum sued sues sums used uses mules mused muses sleds slums mussel

Level 11. irk its kit sir sit ski irks kiss kits risk sirs sits skis skit stir risks skirt skits stirs skirts

Level 12. age ale bag beg elm gel gem lab lag leg able bale balm beam gale game lamb lame male meal amble blame gable gleam gamble

Level 13. aid aim and dam dim din don ion mad man mid nod amid maid main mind moan nomad domain

Level 14. aid ail cap dip lad lap lid lip pad pal acid clad clap clip dial laid paid pail plaid placid

Level 15. ape are ear era pad par pea per rad rap red aped area dare dear pare pear read reap drape pared parade

Level 16. eel let see set tee eels else lest lets sect tees elect sleet steel elects select

Level 17. nor not nut our out rot run rut ton urn rout torn tour turn unto outrun

Level 18. ale are ear eel era her earl hale hare heal hear heel here leer real reel healer

Level 19. dog don dug dun duo god gun nod nor our rod rug run urn dour drug rung undo gourd round ground

Level 20. nip nit nut pin pit pun put rip run rut tin tip urn pint punt ruin trip turn unit input print turnip

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